Professional Coaching

[Read this: The Difference Between a Mentor and Coach. This will determine what you ask and how you will engage with me. It will also be one of the first things that I ask about.]

The best and the brightest have coaches, mentors, and people in their lives that can give them objective counsel and wisdom.

I know that my own success has depended on a number of people much wiser than myself to help me make the important and critical decisions for my own personal and professional success. I’m not sure where I would be without them.

I actively consult and coach others to help them achieve their own goals with a client list of individuals and leaders from startups to the Fortune 500. My approach is highly pragmatic, a unique blend of behavioral science and good ol’ fashion tough-love.

This is a paid / contractual relationship and is billable by hour.

Some of the more typical reasons why someone asks for my help are:

  • Starting a New Venture: I can help isolate needs and simplify decision-making so you can get your new startup off the ground quickly and efficiently. Coaching may include strategies on raising Angel and Venture Capital.
  • Professional Transition: I have helped many make positive steps on transitioning from one professional environment to another, either out of corporate life into self-employment or providing the tools necessary to break through their current professional ceiling into the next stage or even into the executive suite.
  • Strategic Counsel: I’ve been asked to assist leadership teams, executive boards with the top-level strategic counsel as well as helping create a 3rd-party and objective look at tough corporate challenges. From hiring to firing and everything in between.

I am flexible on timing and delivery – sometimes an on-campus visit is the best while for others a Skype call is all that is necessary.

Please drop me a line if you’re interested in learning more via email: johnsaddington [at] gmail [dot] com